Life in Hangzhou

Hangzhou Fuyang City is designated as a Provincial premier sport and recreational city. It hosts an annual triathlon, has a multitude of hiking, mountain biking and motor-biking trails and areas. The national Paragliding training center is close by. A local factory produces kayaks and canoes used in the Olympics and weekend kayakers are often seen enjoying the river. There is a local indoor stadium, and the extensive riverwalk has many areas that searve as great venues for groups practising Tai-chi, badminton, and dances of every type.
Hangzhou has many cultural and scenic spots, including the world-famous Xihu or West Lake and has many restaurants with cuisines from around the world.
The suburb Fuyang District is a mixture of the modern, and the traditional. Starbucks, Walmart, Pizza Hut are next to traditional Chinese restaurants of every type and region. As expensive cars drive by the river road, local people are doing their laundry in the river or shopping at the daily fresh fish market on the concrete wharf. Longmen, a section of Fuyang, is a Ming dynasty village that is unchanged architecturally and is populated by families who have lived there for centuries.
Safety and security are never an issue in our area. Many western women and young children have lived or visited here and there has never been a single issue of concern. The local people are supportive of and curious about “foreigners” and it is easy to quickly feel at home here.