On the basis of inheriting good spirit of school, study and education and supported by the excellent operating conditions and advanced educational philosophy, our internationalized programs keep the education orientation of “Ecological, Technological, Internationalized and Specialized” and devote to cultivate the elites who carries “traditional virtues, modern personality and international visions”. The school target is “to stand steadfast on educational ideal and to create century-old prestigious school”.
We take Chinese traditional virtues as our basic moral requirements. In the aspect of ideology and conduct, we emphasize diligence, hard work, persistence, honesty and kindness in our education.
The school attaches great importance to the development of students’ modern personality, which includes such attributes as independence, enterprise, open-mindedness, readiness to learn something new, law-abidingness and earnest belief in science and democracy.
With internalization as the feature in running the school, the institution endeavors to train students to not only have a good command of both Chinese and English languages, but also have the abilities to understand different cultures and have better communication skills so that they will be able to embrace an international perspective in their further education and later careers.
Adhering to the School Mission “Rooted in the Chinese Culture; Growing in a Global Perspective;” Zhejiang Fuzhong Education Group Internationalized Programs aim to cultivate talented students who are team-worker, thinker, communicator, problem-solver and are open-minded, balanced and independent based on three -dimensions “mental and physical health, ability enhancement, and academic foundation.