Middle School Introduction

School Motto
Honesty and Erudition, Virtue and Knowledge    
Education Orientation
Ecological, informationalized, international and individualized
Education Target
Noble persons with traditional Chinese virtues
Makers of the era with modern personality
World citizen with international vision
Hangzhou Yinhu Experimental Middle School, as a newly-established high-end middle school, will inherit the fine traditions of the group “Honesty and Erudition, Virtue and Knowledge”. With “Ecological, Informationalized, International” as its development direction, the school commits to fostering talents with “traditional Chinese virtues, modern personality, and international vision.” It is precisely because of this school orientation that the school must not only satisfy the individualized expansion curriculum, but also must establish a universal basic curriculum framework from the very beginning and enter the deep water area of curriculum reform to explore a road of sustainable development for children’s better future. According to the arrangements of basic courses offered by the Department of Education of Zhejiang Province, combined with the actual needs of the school, and under the condition that the total amount of national basic courses is basically the same, within the framework of the national curriculum standards, the course content of each basic subject should be adjusted, enriched and optimized.
In accordance with the principle of “the school-based implementations of national curriculum school-based, the integration of local curriculum and individualization of school-based curriculum”, the school has established a basic curriculum framework.
On the basis of the deepening of the national curriculum, a great number of special courses have been developed and implemented successively, for example, global citizen, soft brush calligraphy, indoor swimming, travel around the world, English in mind, Core Dialogue, UOI, STEAM as well as more than 40 optional exploratory high-quality courses. In addition, the “Psychology Dream Factory” of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is introduced and the “6-6 Project” psychological growth curriculum, moral education, audiovisual infiltration curriculum, military training curriculum, and public welfare practice curriculum are opened.
According to the educational target of the school, "traditional Chinese virtues, modern personality, and international vision", in order to create a good environment for growth, the school holds three festivals throughout the year: traditional culture festival, modern cultural festival, and international cultural festival. These three cultural festivals will be the soil and stage for students to learn, grow and display, and gradually form the cultural characteristics of the school.
Taking into account the unique landscape resources on campus, the school plans to develop a series of landscape courses to highlight the ecological education orientation of the school and promote Chinese traditional tea culture, including: to build the entire campus into a botanical garden through scientific transplantation, to scientifically nurture aquatic ecosystems in the rivers and lakes, to plant various kinds of Chinese herbal medicines and fruit trees on the hills building a “Baicao Garden”, to build tea culture experience rooms on Tea Mountain, and to set up related specialty courses relying on these resources.
According to the development needs of the school's internationalization, the school will strengthen international cooperation on the basis of exchanges with overseas sister schools. The school commits to exploring one semester of three years (usually from June to August) for students to study in overseas schools and to improve foreign language communication and cross-cultural understanding through authentic international learning experiences.
The school has successively been evaluated as Zhejiang Information Technology Application Model School, Zhejiang Compulsory Education Standardization School, and the first batch of beautiful schools in Fuyang District (the second in the most influential beauty school poll) and Fuyang Language and Character Standard School. The development of STEAM curriculum is approved for the education planning issue in Zhejiang Province. National Physical and Health Promotion Demonstration Base is put into operation, and the Hangzhou International Model School has also been approved for construction. At the Fuyang District Presidents Forum and the Provincial Teaching and Research Plenary Session, the school makes an Introduction of curriculum reform and homework reform. The school has also hosted more than 10 large-scale teaching and research activities. It has received thousands of teachers and experts from the region and abroad, resulting in a wide range of Influence and good word of mouth, and playing an active role in the region.