Middle School FAQ

1. Q: What is the relationship between Yongxing and Hangzhou Yinhu Experimental
Middle School and Hangzhou Yinhu Experimental Primary School?
A: Since the 2016 academic year, Yongxing’s junior high school includes FuyangYongxing Middle School (old campus) and Hangzhou Yinhu Experimental Middle School (new campus).  Yongxing’s elementary schools include Fuyang Yongxing Primary School (old campus) and Hangzhou Yinhu Experimental Primary School (New campus). These four schools are all affiliated to the Yongxing school.
2. Q: Teachers and management  are the key to the implementation of thecurriculum.  How is your school's teaching staff formed?
A: The faculty management team in our school is rated as first-class: The school management team is composed of outstanding national educators, prestigious principals,  special grade teachers, former principals of  Hangzhou Normal University. The school has a uniqueinstitute for teacher development in the province, and a expert team of nearly 20 professors and doctors.  Senior principals from the United States, United Kingdom and Canada areintroduced to assist in the development and implementation of the school’s internationalizedcurriculum. The school’s teaching staff embodies the cooperation between Chinaand foreign countries and the school directly recruits foreign teachers who arenot only have a bachelor degree or above in the field of teaching, but also have relevant experience in the country’s high-quality schools. The Chinese teacher team is composed of experienced provincial academic leaders, key teachers, graduates from Renmin University of China, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing Normal University and other famous domestic universities, and new teachers with  good bilingual communication skills and subject quality.  Each subject has specialgradeteachers offering  in-depth instruction.
3. Q:Nowadays, all kinds of so-called "internationalized classes" are mixed, and it is difficult for our parents to distinguish between them, so whether your school's "Internationalized Class" has official approval from the higher education authority?
A: Zhejiang Fuyang High School International Program affiliated to the Group obtained the approval from the Department of Education of Zhejiang province in August 2010, gained official approval from the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, and officially started teaching in September 2010 (Project Approval ISBN: PDE33US5A20100380N). It is the 6th official international course approved by the Ministry of Education. The “Internationalized Class” and “Bilingual Class” opened by junior high schools  were also formally approved by the Higher Education Bureau in June 2016. There is no risk of  attending our school.
4. Q: What is the class type of Yinhu Experimental Middle School?
A: Three types of classes: experimental classes, bilingual classes, and internationalized class. Experimental classes and bilingual classes follow the direction of the Senior High School Entrance Examination. International classes do not follow the direction of the Senior High School Entrance Examination, and there are  preferential policies. Students can be admitted through  independent enrollment tests of Zhejiang Fuyang High School International Program. Bilingual classes are based on experimental classes and foreign language courses. The language is Chinese and English. Bilingual classes are based on experimental classes plus foreign language courses. The languages are Chinese and English.
5. Q: what's the difference between these three type of classes?
A:There are four differences: First, the number of students in each class is 45, 35, and 25 respectively; Second, exports are different; Third, the curriculum setting is different, and the number of foreign language lessons varies  per week : 1, 5, and 10 respectively; Fourth, different tuition fees.
6. Q: What are the advantages of your school?
A: Yinhu is the new campus of Fuyang High School Education Group. At present, there are nearly 1,000 students enrolled in two sessions. There are four advantages of the school. First, the ecological environment is good, there are first-class facilities and equipment, and the courses offered are diverse and distinctive. The second pays attention to  foreign language and owns a high degree of internationalization. Third, there are three types of classes for parents to choose; Fourth, Yinhu is a new campus of the old school, and teachers are common. Besides, many teachers live in the campus, so students can have more opportunities to consult teachers.
7. Q: What are the registration requirements for students?
A: There are no hard and fast requirements for registration. After registration, if you pass the preliminary examination, there will be interviews and learning ability assessments, and comprehensive quality assessments will be completed in half a day. Registration time and independent enrollment time is generally in April
8. Q: What are the tuition fees and class size?
A: The tuition fees of the experimental class is 15,000 RMB per semester (18000 yuan for students whose household registrations are outside the district), 25,000 RMB for the bilingual class and 39,000 RMB for the internationalized class. There are about 45 students in each experimental class, 35 students in each bilingual class and 25 students in each international class. When registering, students are allowed to choose more than one class and the school will follow the principle of first choice in admission. However, when enrolled, students cannot change to another type of class.
9. Q: What is the teaching method of the school?
A: The school pays attention to the  discipline culture and homework reflection. The school also adopts tutorial system for the weak subjects. A teacher takes several students and guides them in their studies. Besides, the school organizes thinking development training for students who have the ability to learn extra knowledge.
10.  Q: What is the  school timetable?
A: Students usually live in the dormitory. The school will be finished around 3pm on Friday and students need to return to school around 4:30pm on Sunday. Learning activities in summer camp are held for three weeks every summer vacation.
11.   Q: How is the accommodation at school?
A: The facilities of  family type apartment is first-rate, and four students live in one room. Every room is equipped with hot water, air conditioning and toilet. Each student has his or her own desk and wardrobe.