Middle School Curriculum

In order to meet the needs of high-end development and individualized choices of students, there are three types of class: experimental class, bilingual class and internationalizedclass. On the basis of the deepening of national curriculum, five categoriesof courses have been developed and implemented, namely national curriculum, bilingual courses, international courses, exploratory courses and moral education courses.
Deepen the national curriculum
  • Focusing on the National Compulsory Education Curriculum Standard and Consolidating the Fundamental Education of Commonality
  • Chinese subject----classic of Chinese studies, reading practice and library courses;
  • Mathematics subject---- courses of intellectual exploration and outstanding mathematics cultivation; 
  • English subject-----simultaneously proposing the courses of Go For It,
  • Look, Listen, Learn and the school-based curriculum of listening and Speaking; 
  • Science subjects-----introducing the Science Explorer and depending on the General Practice Experiment Laboratory as well as the STEAM workshop to offer the integrated exploration courses;
  • Integrated subject of Society and Moral---courses of deep social practice, international citizen and  standpoint presentation;
  • Integrated subject of P.E.-----cultivating fitness habit and blend the swimming, morningjog, indoor gymnastics and mountain climbing into happy courses;
  • Integrated subject of Arts ---- concerts of four seasons and courses of modularized fine arts and calligraphic art.
Blend the bilingual courses
Centering on the key competence of English and integrating English into other subjects.
Recruiting professional foreign teachers to cooperate with Chinese teachers to participate in the development and construction of comprehensive courses, conduct Chinese-foreign cooperation education of various subjects of Science, Mathematics, English, P.E. and Social study, complement each other 's advantages to seek for the deep integration of the courses; properly integrating into bilingual teaching to create good bilingual atmosphere.
Broadening the horizon with international courses
Centering on the international view and introducing and developing international courses.
Our group has professional development group of international courses. There are five categories of the developed courses including international understanding, foreign language communication, literature expression, sports and art practice and comprehensive research. Specifically, ESL English courses and courses of courses of overseas study tour, international citizen, English in mind, themed conversation, UOI and STEAM. The class which has the greatest number of foreign teacher classes can reach 10 lessons each week, which makes the students adequately infiltrate into the international courses.
Expressing individuality with exploratory courses
centering on the subject quality and improving the personalized development of the student. 
The optional exploratory high-quality courses mainly include: lantern riddles writing, Wuchao literature club, recitation club, speech club, debate club, broadcast club, redology appreciation, text-based drama, mathematical experiment, fun maths, interesting history of maths, drama performance, English film and television appreciation, English movie dubbing, English songs, learn to be a scientist, digital experiment, car model, ship model, unmanned aerial vehicle, robot, 3D print, building model, scientific design and production, local chronicle, hot comments on current events, basketball, football, athletics, queue design, swimming, aerobics, dance, creative art, traditional instruments orchestra, audio-video studio, erhu, Chinese zither, digital photography, information programming, intelligent hardware design, psychology and life, television media, English corner, brush-writing calligraphy, Olympiad in Informatics and DI innovative thinking (which can be rearranged in each term). 
Focusing on the experience in moral education courses
Centering on the education target and building the whole system of parenting.
Improving the psychological quality of the students through the experience of the“Mental dream factory”of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; having courses of ceremonies and festivals and share cultural feast by hosting the traditional culture festival, modern scientific festival and international culture festival; making the students learn 36 “I can” through the psychological growth courses named “double six project”; making the students understand the philosophy of life through the course of moral games and activities; exerting subtle influences on students’ character with audio-visual immersion course; developing the physical and mental potential from the breakthrough with the physical and mental development courses; cultivating strong wills from the temper of the military training course; making the students learn to be independent with the boarding courses; showing their responsibility and roles from the voluntary services of the social practice courses.