Middle School Admission

I、Enrollment scale
There are 12 classes in the seventh grade, with a total of 460 students. In the 12th grade, there is 1 class (Internationalized Class), and the class does not exceed 25 students.
II、Class Setting
In order to meet the educational needs of personalized development, the school has set three types ofclasses,experimental class, bilingual class, and internationalized class,to provide students and parents with diversified choices. Therefore, each student needs to fill out volunteers when signing up(Allow for choosing more than 1 class).For the basic conditions of the three classes, see the table below.
Class Type
Experimental Class
Bilingual  Class
Internationalized Class
Way Out
Senior High School Entrance Examination
Senior High School Entrance Examination ( Foreign Language Strengthening)
Not for Senior High School Entrance Examination.
After graduation, students can apply for the group’s International High School (Fuyang High School International Program), and they also apply for overseas high school or other domestic high schools.
Main course settings
Compulsory education curriculum and school-based curriculum
Culture subjects are Consistent with the experimental class with Appropriately increasing foreign language courses
Compulsory education national curriculum, bilingual courses, ESL second language courses
Foreign Language lesson
1 lesson/week
5 lessons/ week
10 lessons/ week
Class Scale
About 45students
About 35 students
About 25 students
Tuition fee (semester)
RMB 15,000 for students whosehousehold registrations are in this district; RMB 18,000 for students whose household registrations are  in the other area
 RMB 25,000 for students whosehousehold registration are in this district and outside  the district
 RMB 39,000 for students whose household registration are in this district and outside  the district
Notes: Since the school is a non-profit privately-run school, the fees are approved by the government. The fees in the table are based on the "Fuyang Change Price 2017-37 Document" issued jointly by the Development and Reform Bureau of the Fuyang District of Hangzhou and the Education Bureau last year. In addition to the tuition fee, the accommodation fee is RMB 2,000 per semester and the living expenses are self-care.
III、Registration Requirement
Students should be Physicallyand mentallyhealthy, and currently studyin the sixth gradein  primary schoolsoutsideFuyang District (The ninth grade internationalized classis for students who are currently studying in the eighth grade). Registration for students in thisdistrict is scheduled for June and will be announced separately. The school will recruit a small number of art students, and students who are talented in music, dance, vocal music, seal cutting, calligraphy, and fine arts.
IV、Registration Method
Please follow the WeChat Official Account of the school, and enter the online registration system by clicking“New Student Registration”. In the selection of class type, students areallowedto choose more than 1 class. The school follows the principle of first choice in admission.In addition to the normal on-line filing procedure, the application for art studentsneeds to be confirmed on-site at the school and the talent assessment must be completed on the spot. Please bring your own musical instruments for the audition (except piano).