High School Introduction

Based on the fine Chinese culture to cultivate a global perspective
Design and develop educational strategies with the themes of balancingmental and physical health, enhancing capacity improvement, and strengthenacademic foundation.
Utilize the strategies to guide students to becomeindependent individuals who are mature thinkers, effective communicators, open-minded problem-solvers, and well-rounded achievers.
In pursuitof the internationalism policy of Zhejiang province and to cultivate globally competitive students, Zhejiang Fuyang High School International Center (ZFHSIC) was established and obtained approval from the Department of Education of Zhejiang in August 2010.  Official approval from the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China was obtained in September 2010 (Project Approval ISBN: PDE33US5A20100380N).
ZFHSIC was set up ina Sino-American model. This model embraces the liveliness, freedom, and creativity that are inherenttoAmerican education, while retaining the traditional rigor, pragmatism and tenacity from Chinese schooling. It’s considered an ideal combination to foster dependable, self-disciplined, responsible, and rigorous students.  
Our curriculum is divided into two parts: Pre-AP/AP courses and Chinese courses.  All Pre-AP and AP courses are taught in English language by accredited foreign teachers who have had extensive experiences in AP curriculum and able to deliver knowledge in flexible and innovative methods.  In the mean while, Chinese curriculum are designed according to the requirements imposed by the Education Bureau to ensure students to receive extensive and balanced Chinese education;andultimately, be able to secure the high school diploma successfully.
Beside the work in the classroom, in order to help our students developing their interests, talents, teamwork and leadership skills, extracurricular activities are emphasized in students’ school lives as well.  We have student clubs; such as, debate, MUN, art, basketball, soccer, Acapella, and Sunday club.  In addition, school basketball team, soccer team and school band were also available, if students are willing to join. Participation of competitions and activities outside of our school are also encouraged.  Students have opportunities to go to USAD, the US Regional Mathematics League, the American High School Physics Competition, Math Competition held by the University of Waterloo, ISSDC, and RPI High School Business Competition, and other international competitions.  
ZFHIC provides high-quality international education for our students; and at the same time, helps to plan for their future colleges.  Starting from the beginning, college counseling courses are given to students once a week to introduce the options and opportunities presented worldwide.  Ultimately, in students’ senior year; the counselors will guide students with their college choices and application process.   After three years of study, students willnot only be awarded with high school diploma, they will also be bridgedto their future paths to world's top universities.  From our first graduates of 2012 to those of 2018, we have approximately 500 alumni being matriculated by top universities in the U.S.A., Canada, U.K., Japan, Switzerland, France, Australia and other countries.
In February 2017, we moved to the new Yinhu Campus. With the first-class facilities and beautiful surroundings, we have more resources to go forward and continue with our educational philosophy and excellent outcomes.