Elementary School Introduction

School  Profile
Hangzhou Yinhu Experimental Primary School is a private boarding school with high specifications, high requirements and high standards. Located in the Yinhu Economic Development Zone in the west of Hangzhou City, the school covers an area of 350 Chinese Mu (around 23.55 hectares) with total construction investment of nearly 10 billion CNY.  There are currently 34 small-sized classes from Grade 1 to Grade 6, with 966 students and 112 teachers, including 13 foreign teachers. It is a locally parent-favored school, with good social reputation, high parent satisfaction rate, and diverse student sources.
Surrounded by mountains, water and fresh air, the campus is designed into a village with a traditional academy, which is quite idyllic. Also, there are beautiful lakes, lovely pasture, interesting farms, etc. All these conditions meet the needs of kids to grow happily.  
Students have strong self-discipline, bilingual ability and inquiry ability. They are among the best in the district not only in the graduate quality assessments but also comparing comprehensive qualities and abilities. Every student has own interests and personality development. They also have strong abilities to apply subject knowledge, completing high-quality research projects and graduation reports.
School  Vision
We are like a family on the village-liked campus. We aim to lay a strong foundation for children's lifelong happiness.
Education Concept 
Developing the talent and self-confidence of the kids in an ecological environment. 
Education Aim
Educating kids into FISHers- excellent in Fitness, Interest, Study and Habit. Further develop students into talents with ‘traditional virtue, modern character and international outlook’. 
There are advanced network environment and first-rate facilities on campus. Each classroom is a learning center. With different teaching facilities and covering an area of over 90 square meters, the classroom can be adapted for different teaching and learning purposes. In this boarding school, four students share a nice room in the dormitory. There is a life-guide teacher in each class, who is responsible for taking care of the students, accompanying the kids during their after-school time. Besides, facilities like school clinic, natatorium, science & technology hall, gym, library and cafeteria are also available. Moreover, tea mountain, fruit trees, mulberry fields and green space provide students with natural places to study animals and plants. 
Open schooling mode
The school conducts academic exchange activities with more than ten foreign schools, including Canberra Grammar School in Australia, Thornton School in Maine, United States, Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf  in Montreal, Canada, and Ensemble Scolaire Bourges Centre (ESBC) in France. The school has repeatedly invited famous education experts Mingyuan Gu, Jieming Cheng, Dr. Justin Garrick and others to our school. The classroom learning has been praised and affirmed by experts at home and abroad.