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Elementary School Introduction

School Feature: 
Ecological, International, Informational, Professional  
School Mission:  
We arelike a familyon the village-liked campus. We aim to lay a strong foundation for children's lifelong happiness.
Education Aim: 
Educating kids into FISHers- excellent in Fitness, Interest, Study and Habit. Further develop students intotalents with ‘traditional virtue, modern character and international outlook’. 
Located in the Yinhu Economic Development Zone in the west of Hangzhou City and attached to Yongxing School of Zhejiang Fuyang High School Education Group, Hangzhou Yinhu Experimental School covers an area of 353 Chinese Mu(around 23.55 hectares) with total construction investment of nearly 10 billion CNY. There arean elementaryschool , a middle school and a Fuyang High School InternationalCenteron the campus. 
Surrounded by mountains, water and fresh air, the campus is designed into a village with a traditional academy. Also, there are beautiful lakes, lovely pasture, interesting farms, etc. All these conditions meet the needs of kids to grow happily.  
There are advanced network environment and first-rate facilities in Hangzhou Yinhu Elementary School. With programs like Grape Technology and 3D printing, which focus on the information science technology and artificial intelligence, webuild unique learning space like Brookside Learning Area (Program) and Yinhu Learning Communityfor kids. Each classroomislikea learning center. Withdifferentteaching facilities and coveringan area of over 90 square meters,the classroomcan be adapted for different teaching and learning purposes. Besides, there are also specialclassrooms fordifferent types of courses.
In this boarding school, four students share a nice room in the dormitory. Besides, facilities like school clinic, natatorium, science & technology hall, gym, library and cafeteriaare also available. Moreover, tea mountain, fruit trees, mulberry fields and green spaceprovide students with natural places to study animals and plants.
Weaim to educatestudents with an integration of traditional virtues, modern personality and global understanding.Chinese traditional virtues areour basic moral requirements. In addition,we emphasize diligence, persistence, honesty and kindness in our education.
We  focus on developing students’ modern attutudies, which includes such attributes as independence, enterprise, open-mindedness, readiness to learn something new, law-abidingness and earnest belief in science and democracy.
With internationaleducation concepts,weendeavor to developstudents into persons who are not only have a good command of both Chinese and English bilingual competences, but also have the ability to understand different cultures and better communication skill.Thenthey will be able to embrace an international perspective in their further education and later careers.With the nurture of students’ personality as the priority, weaim to developstudentsharmoniouslyin moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic and cooperative aspects.