Elementary School FAQ

Q1:What is the relationship between Yinhu Experimental Primary School and Yongxing Primary School?
A: Yinhu Experimental Primary School and Yongxing Primary School both belong to the Yongxing School of Fuyang High School Education Group, but they have  independentenroll system.
Q2: What is the difference between the bilingual classand the internationalized class? 
A: Features of bilingual classes:Strengthening mathematics and English learning; offering ITI style comprehensive practical program; Chinese-foreign co-teachingcoursesin English and Arts classes. 
Features of internationalized classes:On the basis of integrating national curriculum, Internationalized Program also offers ESL and drama courses taught by foreign teachersandChinese-foreign co-teachingcoursesin Mathematics, English, Physical Education, Arts. 
Q3: How is your enrollment process and schedule? 
A: We will start enrolling in April. Candidates can register for an interview through the WeChat Subscription Account or the official website of our school. Or candidates and parents  can visit our school and make the registrationon site. Besides,  there will be a meeting with our principal in the school library reporting hall on the school open day, where more detailed information will be present. Please checkthe updates onour WeChat Subscription Account about the enrollment information. 
Q4: How is your enrollment interview ? What is your focus in the interview? 
A: We will observe the children's behaviors and abilities about listening, speaking and thinking through group activities, hands-on manipulation activities, games and other ways. In the meantime, we will have an interview with the parents to know about their education concepts, methods, self-cultivation, etc. 
Q5: Can our kids live at home? 
A: Our school is a boarding school with comfortable accommodation for students. If you have special needs, your kids are also allowed to live at home. But you need to take full responsibility of travel between school and home.
Q6: How much is the tuition fee of your bilingual class and internationalized class? 
A: The fee is charged according to the price approved by the price department of the government. 
Q7: How is your life-guide care teachers’ quality? 
A: There will be a life-guide teacher in each class. They will  be responsible for taking care of the students,  accompanyingthe kids during their after-school time and study and practical activities. And we also have some child-care teachers in every grade. 
Q8: How is your foreign teachers’ quality? 
A: Our foreign teachers are from native English-speaking countries, with education related background, legal foreign expert work permit and teaching licenses. They are employed after strict interviews and evaluation by our education group. 
Q9: Which grades are enrolled this year? 
A: In the autumn of 2018, we will have two Grade 1 internationalized classes with 25 students maximumin each class and four Grade 1 bilingual classes with 30 studentsmaximumin each class. 
Kids born during September 1, 2011 to August 31, 2012, with good habits and good health will be acceptable. There will also beabilingual class with 30 studentsmaximum in Grade 4. If the kids are admitted by the school, the parents need to process the transfer procedures in accordance with related regulations. 
Q10: When can we get the results after the interview? 
A: You will receive a phone call about the offer within one or two working days after the interview. And you need to register and pay the tuition with the offer. Not paying the tuition fee on time will be regarded as voluntary waiver. 
Q11: How can we contact with the school? 
A: You can follow our Subscription Account on WeChat.
You are also welcome to call 0571-88007999 or 0571-88007888.