Elementary School Admission

I. Admission Plan
Grade 1: 
  • 4 bilingual classes with 30 students maximum individually; 
  • 2 Internationalized experimental classes with 25 students maximum individually
Grade 4: 
  • 1 bilingual classes with 30 students maximum in the class. 
II. Entry Requirements
Grade 1: The school-aged children born between September 1, 2011 and August 31, 2012, with good habits and good health will be acceptable. 
Grade 4: The kids who are going to grade 4 in September, 2018 will be acceptable.  
III. Admission Process 
1. Registration for an interview 
There are mainly 3 ways to register for an interview: 
  • the WeChat Subscription Account: 杭州银湖实验小学
  • visit and register on campus 
2. Interview 
The required documents for the interview: 
  • The original copies of the kids’ and parents’ household registration page. 
  • A headshot photo with white background of the kid 
3. Offer 
We consider each candidate very carefully and will contact parents by phone call when we’ve made a decision. 
4. Tuition Payment 
Parents need to register and pay the tuition with the offer. Not paying the tuition fee on time will be regarded as voluntary waiver.