Elementary Curriculum

Class Type: 
Bilingual Class and Internationalized Class 
Education Concept: 
Developing the talent and self-confidence of the kids in an ecological environment. 
Aimed to develop ‘FISH’ (Fitness, Interest, Study, Habit) students, group learning (group of five), independent-cooperative learning, Chinese-foreign cooperative teaching and advanced network technology as support to change the way of learning and improve the effect of learning. With the implementation of ITI (Interdisciplinary Themed Inquiry) as the axis, four major areas of study are covered: Language and Arts, Science and Mathematics, Sociology and Practice, Sports and Health, and five educational characteristics are highlighted: accumulation of Chinese studies, international understanding, internet thinking, practical abilities and healthy habits to enhance students’ academic learning abilities and help them to achieve comprehensive success. 
Features of bilingual classes: Strengthening mathematics and English learning; offering ITI style comprehensive practical program; co-teaching with foreign teachers in English and Arts classes. 
Features of internationalized classes: On the basis of integrating national curriculum,Internationalized Program also offers ESL and drama courses which will be taught by foreign teachers in addition to Chinese-foreign co-teaching in Mathematics, English, Physical Education, Arts.