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A Board of Directors oversee this school grouping that consists of Yongxing Elementary and Junior Middle Schools; Yinhu Elementary and Junior Middle Schools; Jiangnan High School; Fuyang High School; and the Fuyang High School AP Program. In total over 10 000 students are enrolled in our schools.

The Yongxing Education Group has many years of experience working with western staff and uses Western administrators to be sensitive to the different professional and cultural expectations of western staff.



Zhejiang Province is an economic dynamo for China and Hangzhou as its capital city is at the forefront with neighboring Shanghai of the latest developments. Local families all recognize the value of learning English and being familiar with the best of western education.

At the same time, Hangzhou is also a famous traditional cultural center that is one of the premier tourist areas for the Chinese people. This is a great time to experience one of the most fascinating and important cultures in the world.



As Yinhu and Yongxing expand their western courses, we are searching for qualified, capable and ambitious teachers to work with our students and families. All teaching positions in elementary and junior middle schools have English-speaking Chinese teachers to assist. Our remuneration and benefit package is competitive with accredited International schools and paid in US dollars and we seek your happiness and success as a way to promote excellence in our students.

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