Welcome to Zhejiang Fuzhong

Zhejiang Fuzhong Education Group, founded in November of 2007, consists of Fuyang High School, Fuyang High School International Center, Yongxing Primary and Middle School, Jiangnan High School, Chunjiang Middle School, Fuyang High School Education Development Foundation, and Hangzhou Yinhu Experimental Primary and Yinhu Middle School.
With nearly 1000 teachers employed, such grouped mode benefits both school and students:  the academic resources of each member school are shared and integrated through the whole group; students could achieve more than they expected. Taking the core member, Fuyang High School which has 72-year history, as an example, entitled as a key high school in Zhejiang Province, its acknowledged teaching quality has considerable influences in Hangzhou even in the whole province, leading to steadily improving achievements in the national college entrance exam.
Based on our advanced school philosophy, remarkable school environment, extraordinary teaching staff and distinct internationalized characteristics, we aspire to be a prestigious school group.
We fully strive for a sophisticated and professional teaching faculty, encouraging our teachers to be leading roles in their respective fields and work collaboratively simultaneously. Moreover, as a people-oriented group, we offer an intellectually inspiring and leisurely homelike environment in which to work and live, where staff are gaining a sense of achievement and happiness. Last but not least, we are wholeheartedly committed to the development of our staff, especially the junior faculty, working closely with professionals from major universities (e.g. Zhejiang University and Hangzhou Normal University) and masters from the industry to support staff training and development.



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